Corporate Taxes

Running a business is sometimes as stressful as it is rewarding, especially when it comes to the ever-changing complexity of corporate tax returns. Tax planning should be proactive rather than reactive, and it is easy to overlook opportunities to minimize your tax obligation and maximize profitability. Our tax accountants diligently stay informed of changes in tax regulations to ensure our clients are always compliant. We take the worry out of tax preparation and management by providing hands-on service and advice. 

  • Custom tax planning: when it comes to corporate tax, one size does not fit all. We’re here to provide you with advice that’s catered to your business and industry.
  • Professional service: our designated accountant (CPA) ensures strict compliance with the Income Tax Act.
  • Support: we will handle any CRA audits or reviews.

The foundation of your company’s financial health is accurate bookkeeping. We strive to provide you with bulletproof books that will supply you with useful information to make your business succeed and grow. Check out some of our bookkeeping packages.

Small business owner (hairstylist) happy and confident that his accounting and bookkeeping is being handled by Padgett Calgary Accounting