Amazing Job in Helping with my Bookkeeping Needs

Client testimonial - Padgett Calgary helped me with the technical aspects of the business while considering me on a personal level

I would like to start by saying Daniela (the owner/operator) is a very kind and compassionate lady. She really helped me with the technical aspects of my business while also considering me on a personal level, which I really appreciated. We do need more businesses treating their customers in this way. This is what creates successful businesses. The staff are very nice and helpful. Kamala is a junior accountant here who also did an amazing job at helping me with my bookkeeping needs. I appreciated the help and expertise she offered. Everything in this establishment is very professional and clean. I also like that I am asked to come in for meetings to review my year end numbers, but at the same time Daniela also takes a personal interest in my life. This year will be my 4th year with Padgett Calgary, and I look forward to the years ahead 🙂

Devon Coburn
Owner of Villages Pizza