A Team Who Cares for Their Clients

Client testimonial - Padgett Calgary is top notch in responsiveness, professionalism, and providing value.

Daniela and her team have been a pleasure to work with. They prepared and filed corporate taxes and slips for me; top-notch in responsiveness, professionalism and provided excellent value from beginning to the end and beyond the transaction itself. Daniela has been very patient and helpful in answering all my questions timely, professionally, and she is very personable. Most importantly, she leads a team who cares about their clients. Their helpfulness made the stress of filing taxes much more bearable. While I had her for many years, one year, I looked for a cheaper alternative and quickly learned the quality and value of their work were worth every dollar and would recommend and continue to have her as my go-to accounting service.

Ling Williams
Owner of Cipher Directional Inc.