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We are receiving many calls regarding the tax collection campaign that the German government (Finanzamt Neubrandenburg) is doing right now.  We are trying to provide as much information as possible to reduce the frustration for the German pensioner and their relatives.   Please have a look at the link below which is available in 7 languages.

As of 2005, the German government is charging taxes on the German pensions paid to Non-residents of Germany.  The taxable amount is 50% of the pension amount, where the other 50% had to be included in the pensioners Canadian Tax return.  The German/Canadian treaty was established to avoid double taxation.


Unfortunately the Germany tax department only started to collect those 2005 and later year taxes as of 2011.  Most German pension recipients are receiving their 2005 and 2006 assessments and tax bills in the mail.  Those bills have to be paid.  We posted the most recent forms that the pensioners are receiving with instructions as to how to pay their German taxes.




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