Don’t Miss the April 30th Tax Filing Deadline

With all there is to worry about regarding the pandemic and our working lives, the idea of rushing to file income tax returns on time this year may seem a bit quaint. But anyone hoping to receive any of the various COVD-19 relief benefits going forward could face delays of up to two months if they miss the April 30 deadline, the Canada Revenue Agency warns.

In the latest post on its “Tax Tips 21” page, the CRA acknowledges the challenges that some Canadians may face meeting their filing obligations this year, but points out that it needs 2020 tax information to determine eligibility for the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) or the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB). All three programs require applicants to have earned at least $5,000 in 2019, 2020, or in the 12 months before the date of application.

The agency says on-time filings can be processed within 3-5 business days, though it encourages those using paper returns to file early as it can take 10 to 12 weeks to process those returns. More than 90 per cent of tax filers in Canada file electronically.

Last week, the federal government came under pressure from Opposition Conservatives to delay this year’s tax-filing deadline, and Quebec has said it will push its deadline to the end of May. Francisco Sorbara, parliamentary secretary to the revenue minister, responded in the House of Commons question period that Canadians should file on time to avoid an interruption of benefits.

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